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Multiple Solutions

E.z. Match’s Services covers all types of transactions, including regular transactions, Deferred Payments, Immediate Debit, Credit & E-Wallets e.g. Apple-Pay, G-Pay 

All-inclusive Comprehensive Service for all types of payment cards transmitted to "Automated Banking Services" (A.B.S)

Visa, Master Card, American Express, Isracard, Diners, Debit Cards, Gift Cards & Tourist Cards.

Israel's Credit Card Arena

Israel’s Payment Credit Card market is complicated and challenging compared to other countries around the globe.

This market is characterized by credit that the Merchant provides to the customer via installment transactions, as opposed to the global standard, where credit is provided directly to the customer by the card issuer.

The invoice Issuance policy of the acquirers companies differs from one to another; however, it mostly issued on a fixed date, approximately a month after the transaction, thus the reconciliation process is deferred by about at least a month.

Payment Card Reconciliation Implementation

One-to-one comparison of all business transmission and credit Data by the transaction level, compiling detailed, accurate and efficient “reconciliation” and “discrepancy” reports.

Clearance Process:

Bank Reconciliation
Credit Reconciliation Transactions
Receipt Reconciliation For Transactions

Clearance & Discounting Commission Control

Comparison between commissions actually collected by Payment card and discounting companies on the one hand, and the agreements to which the Merchant is bound by signed agreement on the other; this inspection is conducted within the scope of a single transaction, to detect an erroneous collection.

Management Reports

Set of reports providing in-depth and accurate analysis of business Payment card activity.

For example:

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